Warren Buffett wants a special tax break

The Boston Globe brings us news that Warren Buffett is seeking a special tax break for Berkshire Hathaway’s subsidiary Richline Group, which is looking to take over a jewelry manufacturing plant in Massachusetts.  “Richline has promised to create 100 new jobs and spend $3.6 million to upgrade the plant if it gets a little financial lift from the state,” the Globe reports.

This is absolutely unpossible, because everyone knows Saint Warren is all about taxing the crap out of people and giving money to the government, where brilliant central planners like his friend Barack Obama can use it to create environmentally-sensitive jobs, at something like $5 million a pop.  Why doesn’t Buffett dip into his gigantic personal fortune to create those 100 jewelry manufacturing jobs, instead of expecting the taxpayers of Massachusetts to finance it with tax credits?  I doubt most of those taxpayers make as much as Buffett’s fabled secretary.