Obama agrees with unions and Hollywood that his health care plan stinks

In response to Coincidentally I’m Sure, But Unions & Hollywood Have Been Complaining About ObamaCare:

I guess you can add President Obama to the list of people who forced ObamaCare on us, but later realized it would ruin them.  In this case, the ongoing train wreck of ObamaCare implementation was going to destroy the Democrats in the midterm election, perhaps even throwing us back into an outright recession, what with all those employer hiring freezes.  So President I-Am-Not-A-Tyrant swished and flicked his magic Hogwarts-issue law-erasing wand, and poof, the employer mandates are rolled back to 2015.

Our transformation into an utterly lawless banana republic is complete.  The President can violate his own “signature legislative achievement” with impunity; I doubt any serious effort to impeach him for this will take shape, although it should.  Not only can the Unitary Executive ignore laws it doesn’t like, such as immigration laws or DOMA, but it can now rewrite them on the fly, for nakedly political reasons.  

Some also suspect this move was made in line with the true purpose of ObamaCare, which is destroying the American health care system to pave the way for single-payer nationalized medicine.  ObamaCare was designed to fail, and this little exercise of dictatorial power is actually going to accelerate its failure, because individuals still have to pay their trans-Constitutional shape-shifting tax/penalty if they don’t buy their hideously expensive Obama-mandated insurance, but now employers are no longer required to provide it.  That means many of them be tumbling into the “public exchanges,” which aren’t even ready yet, and will swell to bursting like socialist deficit balloons.  

This is all absolutely absurd.  The American people should have insisted on junking ObamaCare long ago – there has never been a single moment when a majority wanted it – but if it survives even this manifestly obvious concession of abject failure by the people who cooked it up, we are no longer a nation that cares much about liberty, prosperity, accountability, or medicine.