Three Computers Stolen from Dallas Law Firm Representing High-Profile State Dept Whistleblower

The offices of a Dallas law firm representing Aurelia Fedenisn, a former investigator at the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General, were broken into last weekend. The firm Schulman & Mathias was the only suite burglarized in the high-rise office building, although an unlocked office nearby was left alone. 

Foreign Policy reported:

Burglars stole three computers and broke into the firm’s file cabinets. But silver bars, video equipment and other valuables were left untouched, according to local Fox affiliate KDFW, which aired security camera footage of the suspected burglars entering and leaving the offices around the time of the incident.

“It’s a crazy, strange and suspicious situation,” attorney Cary Schulman told Foreign Policy. “It’s clear to me that it was somebody looking for information and not money. My most high-profile case right now is the Aurelia Fedenisn case, and I can’t think of any other case where someone would go to these great lengths to get our information.” (Emphasis mine.)

The State Department, which has repeatedly disputed Fedenisn’s allegations, denied any involvement in the incident. “Any allegation that the Department of State authorized someone to break into Mr. Schulman’s law firm is false and baseless,” spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Great, another categorical denial from Jen Psaki of Yachtgate fame.  No reason to doubt her word, huh?

Schulman said he believes the motivation for the heist was political, but doesn’t think the break-in looked professional enough for it to have had State Department involvement. 

He said, “it is possible that an Obama or Hillary supporter feels that I am unfairly going after them. And the timing of this is right after several weeks of very public media attention so it seems to me most likely that the information sought is related to that case. I don’t know for sure and I want the police to do their work.”

Aurelia Fedenisn recently raised a number of shocking allegations against the department over the salacious behavior of its employees and contractors which involve illicit drug use, soliciting sexual favors from minors and prostitutes and sexual harassment.

Last month, she complained to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, that senior State Department officials interfered with her investigations, and then caused a report about the interference to be watered down.

Dallas lawyer Damon Mathias, who represents Fedenisn, said Fedenisn hired him after two diplomatic security agents spoke in a threatening manner to her teenage children at her home in a Virginia suburb of Washington. The agents arrived at the home to talk to Fedenisn about documents Fedenisn had given to Cruz and told the teens that they demanded to speak to their mom immediately, Mathias said. (Emphasis mine.)

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters, last month, that  Fedenisn’s allegations were based on a memo that was written “without the benefit of reviewing any case files, (and) included a number of unsubstantiated accusations.”

“The notion that we would not vigorously pursue criminal misconduct is not only preposterous, it’s inaccurate,” Psaki said.

Of course, of course.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee and one other committee are said to be investigating the allegations. 

Breitbart TV has the Dallas Fox 4 news report about the break in.


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