Union Pres Admits SCOTUS Will Not 'Permit Obama's NLRB Appointments

The Supreme Court will take up the issue of the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) appointments in the fall, but even the Union recognizes there is “no hope” for the Court to rule in favor of Obama’s unconstitutional appointments and transitively any actions the Board has taken with those appointments. “The Supreme Court won’t take that up until the fall and answer it until next year. There is no reason to believe — with this court — that recess appointments will be permitted,” [Communications Workers of America President Larry] Cohen said in a conference call.

A new microsite went live today to highlight the job-killing overreach into the private sector of the National Labor Relations Board. (NRLB) The NRLB is an anti-business, pro-union operation masquerading as a watchdog for “labor issues.”  The board is supposed to function fairly rather than as an advocate for union interests against private businesses.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. 

The NRLB caused quite a stir a few years ago, when they launched a job-killing complaint against Boeing as the company attempted to build a 787 Dreamliner plant in South Carolina. The Board asserted that opening a plant in non-union South Carolina was retaliation against union workers at their Washington state plant.  There was no regard for potential new jobs for South Carolina when the NRLB decided to insert itself into a private business’ decision. 

The NRLB has been in the news of late. Notably last week, Cablevision filed an emergency application with the Supreme Court to suspend actions against the company, as the board was continuing to function despite a court ruling declaring Obama’s appointments to the board unconstitutional.  

At this very moment, the NRLB is continuing to function despite the fact that two courts have ruled that members on the board were put there unconstitutionally by Obama.  There are no fewer than SIXTY lawsuits against the NRLB’s rulings with these unconstitutional appointments.