Selma police: Arrested Man Glad To Go To Jail, Free Food and Lodging

SELMA, N.C. (WTVD) – A man accused of stealing a plate a food from the Pizza Inn, allegedly told police that he was happy to go to jail because jail offered him free food, running water, and a place to stay until his court date. Police say the 49-year-old homeless man, Alan Miscavage of New Jersey, filled up his plate with food and walked out of the restaurant without paying. 

He was apprehended across the street and charged with defrauding an innkeeper for not paying for the food, and misdemeanor larceny for leaving with the food plate: a $10 value. His bond was set at $3,500. His court date is set for August 22. About 6 weeks of free room and board. 

Police are worried that the mysterious case of Alan Miscavage of New Jersey, will alert homeless folk nationwide to a major flaw in the system and have subsequently warned all inkeepers of pizza establishments to be hyper vigilant: If you smell something. Say something.