It's Deja Vu All Over Again With Obama's Trayvon Speech

In response to You’re Not Doing Obama a Favor by Praising His Trayvon Speech:

The media’s reaction to Obama’s Trayvon speech is deja-vu all over again. It’s like their reaction to Obama’s inane 2008 race speech, (written by a 26 year old), and containing all the same elements all his speeches do, (as Ace noted the other day)“things which are true, but obvious even to kindergarteners, things which are not obvious, because they are not true, and heroic self-reference.” In 2008,  the media  swooned en masse over the  profundity, like Pavlov’s dogs conditioned to salivate at certain stimuli.

 I remember scratching my head, and wondering – at what point did he explain his 20 years of sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s toxic, race-baiting church? Because I didn’t hear it, and that’s all I wanted to know.    

Same thing for Obama’s Trayvon speech. We see no attempt to temper the toxic race-baiting that’s going on in black communities nationwide even though race was  not a factor in the case. Instead we see it tacitly encouraged, because Trayvon could have been Obama 35 years ago. We hear nothing about the explosion of black on black  crimes, or the marked increase of black on white violence in the past year.  What we get is another divisive lecture on race, that’s helpful to no one. Except maybe Obama, because once again the lap-dogs are drooling on command, and his scandal fueled approval rating freefall has stabilized.