Third 'Filthy Filner' Accuser Comes Forward

In an exclusive interview with KPBS, a third woman has come forward to make claims of sexual harassment against San Diego Mayor Bob “Filthy” Filner.

Morgan Rose describes in this video how Filner tried to kiss her repeatedly in a public restaurant. 


Morgan Rose is a psychologist with the San Diego Unified School District and founder of America’s Angel Campaign. In January of 2009, Rose met with then-Congressman Filner to bring her America’s Angel Campaign initiative more attention. After the initial group meeting, Filner called her for a “private meeting.” 

When Rose arrived for the meeting, Filner’s assistant greeted her but left shortly after that. “When Congressman Filner arrived he informed Rose that he had brought the mission of America’s Angel Campaign to Michelle Obama. Filner stated Mrs. Obama requested a follow up memo concerning how the campaign would discuss the escalating violence in America’s military families.”

Then “Filthy” Filner pivoted and touched on a different topic: “He then allegedly said, ‘your eyes have bewitched me.’

Rose described the rest of the encounter like this:

Rose states that Congressman Filner stood up, walked over to her side and sat down next to her and wanted to kiss her.

“He tried to move my face towards his to kiss me on the mouth,” Rose said. She turned away from him and remembers negotiating for him to stop.

“Would you please go back so we can continue this meeting? This is an important topic,” she said.

According to Rose, Congressman Filner said he would not move until “you kiss me.”

Rose alleges Congressman Filner tried to kiss her four separate times.

Rose says, Congressman Filner then received a cell phone call. He stopped, answered his phone and stated he needed to head back to the office, and left.

Rose has filed a complaint with the “filthy Filner” hotline set up by the county of San Diego Sheriff. 


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