Pakistan Bans Racy Condom Commercial

Pakistan Bans Racy Condom Commercial

ISLAMABAD (AP) – According to a senior official, Pakistan’s media regulatory agency has banned a condom commercial starring Pakistani model/actress Mathira Mohammed after receiving hundreds of complaints from people claiming that the ad was too racy. 

The ad which runs 50-seconds shows a Pakistani couple trying to figure out why supermodel Mohammed goes to great lengths to please her husband. Eventually they ask the husband directly, who smiles and holds up a package of condoms made by Josh – which means excitement in Urdu.  He then says “Bring Josh into your life,” just before explosions flash behind onscreen condom boxes. 

The media regulatory agency reviewed the commercial and concluded that it violated the group’s code of conduct. They subsequently banned the spot on Tuesday. 

The ad is not particularly racy by Western standards, although it does make mention of strawberry-flavored condoms. 

What is a greater mystery is why any condom would inspire a supermodel to bend over backwards. 

That being said, my order is in the mail.