Female Inmate Allegedly Raped After Male Is Mistakenly Placed In Her Cell

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indiana State Police detectives are investigating a female inmate’s claim that she was raped by a male inmate who was mistakenly placed in her cell at the Marion County Jail on Wednesday. The alleged incident occurred after 5 p.m when the inmates were found having sex. The male inmate denied the rape allegations, telling guards that the sex was consensual. 

Authorities did not release his name, but according to Marion County Chief Deputy Eva Talley-Sanders, a guard placed him in a cell block after he returned from a court appearance. That particular cell block consisted of 15 individual cells, one of which was occupied by the female inmate. She had moved into that block after the male inmate was taken to court. 

According to jail administrators, the deputy who placed the male inmate in the cell block “did not see” the female inmate inside. Talley-Sanders said the deputy left to find a pen requested by the inmate, and upon his return just three to four minutes later, he found the two inmates having sex. 

A Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said the male is being held on charges of auto theft and receipt of stolen property, while the female is in jail on five counts of prostitution and public indecency charges. After the incident, she was taken to Wishard Memorial Hospital for evaluation and treatment. 

None of the staff involved has been suspended nor have any arrests been made as the investigation is still ongoing. Talley-Sanders said that no surveillance video exists that captures the transfer or alleged rape and internal affairs investigators are interviewing other deputies who might have some knowledge of the events. They are also investigating to determine if a lack of oversight or training contributed.  

“There was so much activity, we’re not sure who saw what,” she said. 

She also said that despite a staff shortage, “there’s no excuse for not doing the job we’re commissioned to do.” 

Photo Credit: (WISH file photo / DeAndra Taylor)