Man Arrested After Allegedly Drag Racing Unmarked Police Car

OLYMPIA – A 24-year-old Washington man was arrested and charged with reckless driving and driving with a suspended license after police say he unwittingly tried to race a Washington State Trooper who happened to be in an unmarked patrol car.  The incident took place Sunday morning on I-5 

According to authorities, the trooper was patrolling the northbound lanes of the interstate when he noted a Volkswagen Jetta approaching in his rear view mirror at speeds of about 77 mph. The driver of the Jetta allegedly pulled alongside the trooper, rolled down his window, held out the peace sign, implied that a race was afoot and then took off down the highway. The race, or chase, reached speeds up to 120 mph. 

When the trooper turned on his lights, police say, “The driver literally slammed his brakes so hard that the back end of the vehicle was fish tailing because he was so shocked it was a state trooper.” 

The driver told police that he was trying to “show off to his friends.” 

Mission accomplished. 

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