Cops: Escaped Suspect Drives Home With Hands Cuffed Behind Back

BURIEN, Wash. – Police say a man in custody on suspicion of driving with a suspended license escaped from Burien District Court on Friday, and the proceeded to drive to his home in Renton with his hands cuffed behind his back. 

According to the King County Sheriff’s office, the suspect was driving a white Oldsmobile Alero registered to a Renton residence. The deputy parked around the corner from the residence but did not have to wait long until the Alero showed up and turned into the driveway. 

Authorities said the suspect did not immediately comply with the deputy’s order to exit the vehicle. He did not grab the steering wheel nor did he turn off the car’s ignition. 

The Deputy then asked the suspect if he was still handcuffed. His answer was yes. It was necessary for the deputy to put the car in park before removing the suspect from the car. He was subsequently booked into Kent Jail for his outstanding warrant.