University Professor Creates Scratch-and-Sniff Flatulence Book For Kids

University Professor Creates Scratch-and-Sniff Flatulence Book For Kids

HUNTINGTON, Ind. – A 45-year-old associate professor at Huntington University is creating a scratch-and-sniff children’s book in which lying animals lure in unsuspecting young readers with claims of sweet smelling gaseous byproducts.  Other critters in the 24 page epic apparently attempt to warn readers as to the reality of the dank odors. However, if a reader does not heed those warnings,  scratch-and-sniff panels will clear up any confusion. 

The book is called “Animal Gas,” and is the brainchild of Bryan Ballinger (pictured above). The associate professor of Digital Arts intends to self publish the book but has only raised about half of the $20,000 necessary to publish. He has listed the project on Kickstarter to help secure the remaining funds. 

Keats…Byron…and now Ballinger:

“My gas smells like home, and treats that you bake.

They’re yummy and fresh, like muffins and cake,” said a dog dressed as a baker.

A cow walking down the street, followed by a cloud of gas filled with daisies and tulips proclaims, “I toot in the night, as well as the day. It smells like perfume, of flowers in May.”

Ballinger said the book was inspired by a former roommate.  

Strangely enough, I had the same roommate.


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