Stay strong, Filner-watchers

In response to I’m Just About Done With the Filner Story:

I know what you mean, Ace.  It seems like a combination of numb horror and fatalism has overtaken observers of the Filner freak show.  Numb horror that it just keeps getting worse – we just learned that Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s esteemed Congressional colleague was preying on military veterans who were rape survivors, and the nurse of a wounded female vet with neurological problems and PTSD.  Fatalism because we know the media will soft-pedal the story and erect firewalls to keep it from hurting Democrats in any way.  I haven’t checked the latest round of stories to see if they’ve stopped identifying Filner as a Democrat yet, but if it hasn’t begun yet, we all know it’s coming.

You throw up a post on this stuff – and on the disgusting Anthony Weiner’s latest adventure in shoving 70-year-old men around and asking “What are you gonna do about it, grandpa?” – and you don’t get the reaction you were expecting.  The broad conservative assumption is that Democrat cretins like Weiner and Filner will pretty much get away with it.  I would imagine the average citizen of Gotham City has the same reaction upon learning that the Joker has escaped from Arkham Asylum yet again. 

Except we know there’s no Batman.  The soulless Democrat machines in blue-state cesspools like New York City (aka Detroit-on-the-Hudson) can keep these guys in office.  Weiner’s in trouble, but I wouldn’t count him out just yet.  Filner’s got enough time to emerge from “rehab” and collect the kind of glowing “reformed family man” soft-focus media fluff that Weiner was rolling around in before we learned about “Carlos Danger.”  And since we know the media will throw up a force field around the Democrat Party itself, what’s the point of getting exercised about it?  There will never, ever be a Democrat Todd Akin.  We’ve learned the Democrat Party knew about Filner’s offenses but protected him, explicitly because he had a great “progressive” voting record.  But the same media that indicted every Republican in the land as a co-conspirator in Akin’s stupidity doesn’t even think that’s headline news.

Barack Obama proved that our “news” culture has degenerated to the point
where a Democrat can survive virtually any scandal by sitting tight and
waiting for a few news cycles to roll by.  The media studied what happened in 2004 with Rathergate and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and decided to inoculate itself against further conservative efforts to make stories that hurt Democrats difficult to ignore.  But we shouldn’t give up on blowing the whistle, and we especially should not give up on narrative creation.  Filner and Weiner illustrate a real sickness in the Democrat Party – they are what dishonest liberals and their press buddies pretended Todd Akin was.  We need to highlight the ugly totalitarianism of asserting that ruling-class aristocrats deserve special consideration if they have the right politics.  In Filner’s case, the Democrats explicitly stated that he gets a pass on sexual harassment because he votes the right way.  We must never stop telling Americans that this is how the Left thinks.  I know a lot of Americans don’t care – they’re down with totalitarianism, as long as they think they’re on the winning side.  But a lot of people do care, including wavering Democrat voters.  With all the links, quotes, and cross-posts flying around the Internet, there’s a chance some of them will hear us, if we keep doing the job journalists and high-toned professional news analysts are supposed to be doing.

Update: …. and right on schedule, CNN writes a big article on Democrat Bob Filner, who is the Democrat Mayor of San Diego and was a 10-term Democrat congressman, and conveniently forgets to mention what party he belongs to.