Careless government is no match for Cloward-Piven tactics

It looks like the Coward-Piven theory of leftist agitation – overwhelming public institutions with garbage data until they collapse, and can be replaced with something more to the radical Left’s taste – is getting a workout on the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego.  A tidal wave of people seeking asylum in the United States suddenly appeared, using almost identical language about having “credible fear” of drug cartel violence. The surge of applicants is so huge that Immigration and Customs authorities are renting out hotel rooms, at up to $99 a night, to house them.

That’s not an incredible fear, mind you, but it’s rather obvious these folks have been organized and trained by masterminds who know the “credible fear” language is the key that unlocks the asylum process.  And asylum is a gateway to illegal immigration.  Once the process is under way, asylum-seekers have a tendency to disappear into the U.S. population.  Asylum claims are often filled out with fraudulent information; something like 90 percent of the applications are rejected; but that doesn’t matter much if the applicants don’t bother to show up for their hearings.

This incident illustrates what a chaotic disaster “comprehensive immigration reform” is going to be, once the “community organizers” get hold of it.  But it also has significance beyond the issue of immigration.  A stunning amount of fraud and abuse occurs in federal programs.  Many of them, like the notorious “ObamaPhones,” essentially run on the honor system.  ObamaCare is going to run on the honor system, due to the employer mandate delay. 

It seems like a consistent thread of Big Government horror stories that pricey government programs with large volumes of participation tend to assume a ridiculous amount of good faith and honesty, when instead they should be assuming large-scale organized fraud.  The ruling is careless to the point of carefree negligence with our money… but grows absolutely enraged when asked to cut spending, or when its demands for more tax revenue are rebuffed.  It is increasingly difficult to escape the conclusion that much of this “carelessness” is deliberate, a conscious effort to create as much demand for government as possible.