War Talk Is a Great Distraction for Any President

Wars even when won are losers for the economy, and in a weakened economy a bigger loser. 

September and October 2013 are huge months with lots of deadlines: 

  • Debt ceiling 
  • Obamacare
  • Syria
  • Budget deadline 
  • Benghazi, fast and furious, IRS, NSA are marginalized as the news cycle shifts 

One bad hurricane and we’ll watch the blowing wind and torn off siding like chickens staring at a card trick. The question on many American minds; is this a test of Obama’s leadership and will he negotiate?

Why would Obama negotiate? Stop projecting what we as Americans and constitutional / fiscal conservatives would like any president to do in the arena of governance. Obama is successful in growing government and miring us is liberal-bureaucracy-land. There is little if any effective loyal opposition from the largely feckless Republican leadership minority or majority in the Senate or House respectively.

Sadly, the hamster wheel of ineffectual beltway politics continues. Turn much of your attention to the state and local level, but do not forget that it’s us (we the people) vs. the political class and their bureaucratic enablers inside the beltway.


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