Tattoo Law Causing Angst in Washington,D.C.

Tattoo Law Causing Angst in Washington,D.C.

In response to Washington DC Proposes 24-Hour Waiting Period For Tattoos:

My amigo Larry is ranting about the “Think Before You Ink” law in D.C., because the law would prohibit that cartoon characters be tattooed. Word around the Breitbart watercooler is that Larry was going to ink a large Foghorn Leghorn portrait on his back.

Here is what Larry wrote:

The Washington DC government is contemplating a 24-hour waiting period for people looking to get a tattoo. The “Think Before You Ink” law would apply to piercings as well.  

“The licensee or operator of a body art establishment shall ensure that no tattoo artist applies any tattoo to a customer until after twenty-four (24)hours have passed since the customer first requested the tattoo.”

At first glance the law appears to apply to women and men equally, but surely this can’t be the case. After all, we know that a woman has the right to do to her body whatever she chooses without any infringement. Surely a proposed 24-hour waiting period to terminate a pregnancy would be excoriated as part of a “war on women” and the government infringing on a woman’s privacy. 

Should it really be harder to get a tattoo than it is to get an abortion? 

Larry is obviously upset.