VIDEO: Man Claims To Have Killed Mythical Chupacabra

VIDEO: Man Claims To Have Killed Mythical Chupacabra

LENA, MS – On Wednesday night, legend met reality. Well, that’s according to a Mississippi man who claims to have killed a mythical creature known around these here parts as Chupacabra. 

Matt Hewharrel took out the alleged mystical beast with a couple of gun shots Wednesday night when he found it in a chicken coop. Glowing red eyes peered at him from within stacks of hay.  And then, it moved to attack. That’s the moment when one legend died and another was created. 

Hewharrel said, “I reloaded my gun. I walked over there and when I shined the light down on him and I said, ‘my God!’ And, I unloaded on him again to make sure he was dead.” He kept the body in case nobody believed him. Although it didn’t convince Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks officials who believe the slain animal to be a coyote with the mange.  

Hewharrel ain’t buying their explanation.

The appearance of the mysterious Chupacabra was first reported in the mid-nineties when it allegedly reared its head in Puerto Rico. It is rumored to suck the blood out of livestock. 

The video below is not for the faint of heart. 

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