John Boehner To Kick CR with ObamaCare Defunding to the Senate (Video)

In what the Tea Party is seeing as a huge victory for the conservative movement, John Boehner has agreed to go with the Defund strategy to stop ObamaCare.

House Republicans emerged from their weekly conference meeting Wednesday morning with a new strategy on the continuing resolution: defund Obamacare in the stopgap spending bill.

“Every Member in this room is for defunding Obamacare while letting the rest of the government continue to operate,” Boehner told his conference in remarks this morning. “We’re going to put Obamacare defunding directly into the CR. And then we’re going to send it over to the Senate, so our conservative allies over there can continue the fight.  That’s where the fight is.”
Boehner then told reporters at a press conference that the goal was not to shut the government down.
“There should be no conversation about shutting the government down. That’s not the goal here,” he said.

Asked whether he had lost control of his conference, Boehner replied, “The key to any leadership job is to listen.”

But Boehner seemed happy to be kicking the bill — and his own problems corralling his conference — to the Senate.

“The fight over here has been won,” he said. “It’s time for the Senate to have that fight.”

You can’t win if you don’t fight. Now that the ball has been kicked into Ted Cruz’s court, I hope he makes the most of it.

Video via The Washington Free Beacon: