Cyber Beat Daily: Fake waterproof iPhone ads dupe users into dunking their phones + The Day's Top Tech Picks

The day’s top picks in social media and technology for 9/24: Fake waterproof iPhone ads dupe users into dunking their phones; ‘racist and sexist’ text messages land PA school officials in hot water; text stops are a thing in NY now; restaurant offers discount if you leave your cell phone while you dine; China to unblock Facebook and Twitter in free trade zone; Google’s Gmail outage apology; Google execs fly private planes around the world on taxpayer dime; Horse_ebooks Twitter account outed as Buzzfeed employee; DDOS attacks getting smarter; FL teen arrested for SWATting; California’s online eraser law; research on what feeds “problematic or pathological gaming”; are you playing too much GTA 5?

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Featured Story.

Fake waterproof iPhone ads dupe users into dunking their phones

I wonder how many were gold ones…
4chan’s fake iOS 7 ads convince users to dunk phones in water

Social Media/Tech Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

The transcript of texts is pretty repulsive.
Pennsylvania School Officials Under Fire for ‘Racist and Sexist’ Text Messages

Because why depend on self control?
NY implements ‘Text Stops’ for drivers who need to be reminded their texts can wait

Speaking of self control, this restaurant offers a discount if you leave your cell phone while you dine.
Want 10 percent off your tab? Ditch the phone

China Will Unblock Facebook and Twitter in Free Trade Zone

Maybe the NSA was just trolling everyone.
Google: We’re sorry for latest Gmail outage

Google Executives Globetrotting on Taxpayers’ Dime

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

And then weird Twitter lost its mind.
Horse_ebooks Twitter account run by Buzzfeed employee. Is nothing sacred?

In the “not a surprise” category…
Your website may not be as safe from a DDoS attack as you think

Bay County (FL) Teen Arrested After “Swatting” Prank

Law and Order.

New law requires sites “directed to minors” to give users under 18 the ability to delete posts.  But what exactly qualifies as “directed to minors”?
Soon, California kids will have the right to delete things they said online


Just wait until the anti-gaming crowd latches onto the term “pathological gaming”: “The new research claims that escapism, social interaction, and rewards in online games feed problematic or pathological gaming.”
Research: Online Game Elements Can Fuel Problematic Gaming

Darts, golf, tennis, maybe you’ve stopped texting and driving…
19 signs you’re playing too much GTA 5, are you experiencing any of these symptoms?


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