A Post About Crap

So a Montana man got a five hundred dollar check from the US Treasury after sending them five one-hundred dollar bills that had been eaten by his mutt. 

He waited for the dog to poop them out, and reassembled the bills – and mailed them off with a note. 

Wayne Klinkel’s dog ate the cash last December, which meant Wayne had to pull the poop out of the snow, in order to sift through the crap for half-digested green. 

I’m glad the Treasury reimbursed him. But it makes me want to ask this question: 

What item, swallowed by a dog, would make you sift through dog shit? 

Would you do it for 50 bucks? A cheap but sentimental piece of jewelry? A pricey baseball card? A signed photo of me? 

I am curious. And slightly drunk.