Video: College Kids Blame Obama For Shut Down

Polls are showing that more Americans blame Republicans for the shutdown than Democrats, but when Caleb Bonham of Campus Reform asked random students at the University of Colorado who they thought was most to blame for the government shutdown,  their answers were surprising. Overwhelmingly, they thought Obama was most to blame, then Democrats, then Republicans.

Bonham kept a running tally on a poster board as he surveyed the students – indicating that he didn’t cherry-pick their answers for the video.

When asked why she blamed Obama for the shutdown, one student answered, “because ObamaCare is stupid.”

Where were these free-thinking kids in 2012? Even though the individual mandate is not popular with young people, they voted overwhelmingly for Obama, anyway,  falling for the Democrat media complex’s relentless pro-Obama, anti-Republican messaging.  

I suspect this same demographic is not too impressed with the Regime’s over the top Shutdown theater, either. Law abiding, average American citizens, now engaging in civil disobedience en masse all across the nation, inspired this excellent Buzzfeed pictorial: Insane Tourists Blatantly Defying The U.S. Government’s Demands.