No Women Of Color In (Liberal) Esquire's 'Final Four' Beauties

No Women Of Color In (Liberal) Esquire's 'Final Four' Beauties

Esquire magazine, known for its liberal proclivities, posted a quiz today, done in tandem with NBC News, where one can determine one’s standing in the political spectrum — and if one fits into the ‘new American center’ over which the spread gushes. A conservative who takes the quiz will likely see the following, not-so-subtly-insulting result (which yours truly received after taking the quiz):

“It’s Official: You’re One Of The Talk Radio Heads…. You are not part of the New American Center.”

Hmm, ok. All that’s missing is: “You are not modern. You are terribly backwards. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.”

Hot on the heels of its quiz, however, we have Esquire‘s ‘final four’ competition of ‘women you love most’!

Normally this would be inconsequential, but as NRO contributor Greg Pollowitz points out on Twitter: noticeably missing from the final four? Any women of color. That’s right — no African-American women, no Latinas, no Asian women, etc.

The final four are instead three blue-eyed blondes and a brunette Polish-American. (Recently, the magazine chose another blond-hair, blue-eyed beauty, Scarlett Johansson, as its sexist woman alive — for the second time.)

Seriously, Esquire? It’s 2013. Your spread looks like a ‘final four’ bracket from the 1940’s.

Now, I’m not one to pull out the diversity, ‘let’s count how many women of color are represented in a film!’ card. But liberals are: thus, their hypocrisy is worth pointing out.

We see the Left’s do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do hypocrisy in racial representation constantly: whether it’s the almost uniformly white crew of Keith Olbermann’s staff; or another all-white spread in a liberal or liberal-friendly publication; or even the glaringly white Hollywood awards shows. Imagine, for a moment, if a conservative outlet had posted a list of attractive female women — and the final four were all white. Oh, the cries of racism that would follow! 

So, dear liberals at Esquire: here’s an idea. While you’re writing your snarky quiz and gushing over the “new center” of American politics… how about you also focus on the “new center” of what Americans look like. Hint: It ain’t Kate Upton. 

Then maybe I’ll take your silly quiz seriously.

(h/t to Greg Pollowitz)

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