Man Arrested For Punching Police Horse Name "Mr. George"

Man Arrested For Punching Police Horse Name "Mr. George"

ORLANDO – Police arrested a man over the weekend for allegedly attacking an Orlando Police Department horse named “Mr. George” while officers were attempting to control a downtown crowd. 

Officers on bicycles and one officer mounted on “Mr. George” were called to a city parking garage on West Central Boulevard Saturday morning to help break-up a crowd. That’s when 30-year-old Korey Jerelds yelled untoward language at “Mr. George” and then “took a fighting stance,” according to the police report. 

Jerelds then reportedly unleashed fury, reportedly landing several blows with a clenched fist to the side of “Mr. George’s” neck.

“Mr. George” was not hurt in the attack. Some onlookers overhead the heavyweight horse taunt Jerelds, saying “Is that all you got?”  

The rematch is scheduled for late November. 

“Mr. George” is pictured above in happier times. 


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