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Krauthammer: It's 'More Than Likely' ObamaCare Will Self Destruct (Video)


Appearing on the Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, last night, Charles Krauthammer repeated what he has been arguing for the past week – that there is a very good chance that ObamaCare is going to self destruct and if that happens it will discredit the entire “liberal” (progressive) movement for a generation.

Even now, as Obama is being called out in the starkest of terms by the entire MSM for his past ObamaCare lies, he has the audacity to go out on the road to propound a whole new set of lies: It’s the fault of the insurance companies that people are being dumped off of their plans. But don’t worry, Obama promises – those people will find better plans in the exchanges.  Only those making $250,000 a year are asked to pay “a little bit more”, Obama assures us, now.

I don’t even know what to say to people who still believe what comes out of this president’s mouth at this point, but I suspect he loves to give speeches in front of them so the rest of us can watch in frustration and despair.

Now that the president’s “you can keep your plan” pledge has been found by one and all (except for Bill O’Reilly) to be purposefully deceitful, the public should be not only less inclined to believe another word he says ever – they should go back and take another look at all his past statements they assumed were true. Maybe they would find that they have been blatantly lied to for the past five years on a whole host of topics.

It is about time politically disengaged Americans discover the fact that the character of this president is deeply defective, and as uncool as it is to be interested in politics, his serial mendacity is having a horribly corrosive effect on not only our politics, but on the country as a whole. It would behoove them to start paying attention and connecting some dots. Because the progressive dream of a Single Payer (Socialist) healthcare system in America is well underway, and I don’t know if the plan is in the process of self destructing or self-realizing. But I suspect President “No Negotiations” will not see his “signature achievement go down in flames without an epic propaganda campaign to win the hearts and minds of those Americans.



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