Chris Matthews Hits a New Low with Joke About Christie's Sex Life

Huff Post got the audio of an appearance Chris Matthews made in Philadelphia from a local blogger. In the clip, Matthews makes a fat joke about Christie which involves his wife.

As you’ll hear, there was complete silence when Matthews made the joke, then he added “use your imagination” before the young people in the audience started laughing.

Matthews then tried to dial it back a little by complimenting Christie’s political skills.

Christie’s weight is going to be the butt of many jokes in the next two years and that’s to be expected. But bringing his wife into it is a new low for Matthews. There’s an unwritten rule in politics about attacking candidates families. Those rules get violated sometimes but the adults in the room usually warn people to dial it back whenever that happens. This is ugly enough that MSNBC might need to have a talk with Matthews.

Chrsitie’s office did not respond to a request for comment on Matthew’s remarks. If they do respond an update will be added to the story.