Claim: World's First Vegan Condom

Claim: World's First Vegan Condom

With the help of a 22 second Ad promo that is garnering quite a bit of attention for its message, an Australian company, Glyde, claims to have created the world’s only certified ethical, vegan and Fair Trade condom. Furthermore, the manufacturers say it has never been tested on animals.

In the Ad “Animals,” romantic lighting and sultry music provide the vibe for a scantily clad beauty who seductively delivers the following message: 

“There are a million ways to pleasure a woman. You can use your hands. Your mouth. Even toys.”But you wouldn’t f**k me with something that’s been inside a horse, would you?”

According to their website, Maxi * Extra Large Vegan Condoms are priced at 15.99. 

I didn’t look at other products. 


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