Glitch: Some Obamacare Enrollees Not Really Enrolled

Some people who have managed to complete the burdensome and glitch-filled process of signing up for Obamacare are learning they are not really enrolled at all. “Obama administration officials acknowledged today that some of the roughly 126,000 Americans who completed the torturous online enrollment process in October and November might not be officially signed up with their selected issuer, even if the website has told them they are.”

Technical problems transferring information from the website to insurance companies have troubled the system since the program’s rollout.  Experts report that the website appears to function properly, but in the back end of the system is still littered with problems.

Users, rather those attempting to use the system, are getting angry.  Bob Schlora, one such person, managed to “enroll” in the system only to find out he was not really enrolled at all. “But two days later, his insurer has no record of the transaction, Shlora said, even though his account on the government website indicates that he has a plan.”  Schlora, who currently pays $2800 a month for his healthcare “told ABC News the ‘false braggadocio’ coming from the White House is making it worse.’The White House announced that they have met their goal,’ he said of the much-touted improvements to the website. ‘They are taking applications but they aren’t going anywhere. What kind of goal is that?””

CMS officials explained that a bug prevented the Social Security numbers from being included with healthcare applications, but the problem has now been fixed.