N.J. 'Receipt-Hoax' Gay Waitress May Have Kept Donations

A new, disturbing twist has arrived in the saga of Dayna Morales, the gay New Jersey waitress who claimed a family stiffed her on a tip and instead left a nasty, anti-gay note on the receipt. Morales’s story soon unraveled when the diners in question came forward, denying they ever left any message and, moreover, providing proof that they left a healthy tip. Individuals from Morales’s past have also come forward, claiming the woman has a history of lying. Now, Morales’s original claims are unraveling even further.

When Morales’s went public with her tale of victimization, the media and supportive folks gushed over Morales’s vow to donate the funds to the Wounded Warrior Project, usually sounding something like this: “How dare you have any doubt about her story?! Why would she make this up?! Look, she’s donating the funds to Wounded Warrior — she’s not even keeping the money!” Donations poured in — reportedly, several thousand dollars. 

But now its seems as though Morales may have kept the funds. The Bridgewater Patch reports that it was unable to confirm any such donations made to the popular charity:

[A]s of Wednesday, the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit that supports veterans returning from overseas duty, could not confirm Morales had made any donations.  

A Wounded Warrior representative checking for donations by her name and the ZIP codes for Bridgewater, where the restaurant is located, and Bedminster, where Morales said she lives, was unable to find any matching donations. 

The media, which breathless ran with the story of the cheerful-waitress-who-was-attacked-for-being-gay, remains curiously silent on the revelations.