Seattle Vet Offers Medical Pot For Pets

Seattle Vet Offers Medical Pot For Pets

SEATTLE – Two Seattle veterinarians are pioneering the use of medical marijuana to treat pets.  Dr. Sarah Brandon, co-founder of Canna-Pet, says medical cannabis can be used for many ailments plaguing your dog or cat.  

“Cannibanoids control inflammation to reduce pain from arthritis,” she says. “They can help reduce anxiety.”

Brandon and her colleague Dr. Greg Copas launched Canna-Pet two months ago because citing that traditional pet medicines can have undesirable side effects.  For example, Brandon says,”Anti-inflammatories can cause vomiting and Opioids can cause decreased appetite.” These are reportedly common arguments to support the use of medical marijuana for humans. However, Brandon says, her treatment will not intoxicate your dog or cat. 

“We focus on the non-THC portions of the plant that seem to really have the best benefit without giving animals the high that recreational users seek.” And what’s more, Brandon claims pets don’t like to get high: “It certainly isn’t pleasant for them. They don’t understand why they feel different. They don’t have any ability to calm down from it.”

According to Brandon, “Canna-Pet doesn’t have enough THC in it to cause that high.” 

The Canna-Pet website boasts that medical marijuana can help with aggression disorders, noise phobias, anxiety, self-trauma, cognitive disorders and dementia (canine), marking and spraying (feline), sleep disorders, OCD, excessive vocalization and inappropriate urination. 

We’re still talking about pets right? 


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