Rubio's CBS Appearance Gets Heated; Host Questions Why He Won't Just Compromise And Support Budget Bill

Senator Marco Rubio appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss the House’s new proposed budget bill. While noting he respects Speaker John Boehner and Congressman Paul Ryan, Rubio made clear his opposition to the bill, explaining his concerns:

The budget unfortunately continues to increase spending at a rate that is still unsustainable for our country. It increases spending by $60 billion over the next two years but promises to pay for it with cuts over the next ten – something that we know Congress never gets back to actually carrying out….

Rose interjected, citing Boehner’s remarks that the bill is at least a step in the right direction, and adding that one must find “common ground and compromise” because otherwise government shutdowns occur where everyone loses.

Rubio replied that he agrees with that concern but that avoiding such scenarios is precisely a reason to oppose this bill, as opposing this bill helps avoid a debt crisis, which would be “the ultimate government shutdown.” 

O’Donnell then interjected, asking Rubio to address the criticism that he may be more beholden to conservative groups than his own party. She noted that the vote in the House had nearly equal Democratic and Republican support, asking him: “Shouldn’t you be encouraging a rare outbreak of bipartisanship?”

Rubio replied: “.Compromise is a good thing. But compromise also has to be a solution. I mean, compromise just for the sake of compromise, so we can feel good about each other, I don’t think is progress for the country. I recognize how difficult it is—“

O’Donnell, in a heated voice, then interrupted Rubio: “Really? Really? That’s what you think?!”

Rubio, who appears genuinely startled by her tone and questioning, replied: “Yeah, for ‘the sake of’ compromise? [Compromise] that doesn’t [actually] solve problems? Just for the sake of it? Yeah, that’s not a good thing for the country.”

Through Rose’s attempts to interrupt, Rubio continues: “No, no — we have a very serious problem in this country. I’m surprised that you’re surprised by my answer” 

He concludes on the topic, explaining:

We have a government that continues to spend more money than it takes in at an alarming pace. That is going to trigger a debt crisis. It is stifling job creation. It is holding American ingenuity back. When is there going to be urgency around here about addressing that? This budget does not do that. And while compromise hopefully will lead to a  solution on that, so far it has not.

Click here to watch a full video of the appearance.


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