Democratic Lawmaker Admits Mowing Down Flock of Ducks with BMW

Democratic Lawmaker Admits Mowing Down Flock of Ducks with BMW

NASHUA, N.H. – Rep David Campbell, D-Nashua is the focus of a police investigation…but not for any political malfeasance. Campbell, a longtime state representative from Nashua admitted he accidentally ran over a flock of ducks outside the Crowne Plaza hotel in Nashua.  It was his subsequent reaction that is the focus of an ongoing investigation.

The ponds near the Crowne Plaza provide a lovely getaway for many ducks in the area. Although there are signs in the area saying not to feed them, the ducks still assemble near the hotel in hopes of procuring a crumb or two from human traffic.  Retired Marine James Murphy, who arrived at the hotel Monday night on a shuttle admittedly ignored the signs: “All the ducks did come up, and I had some crackers, and I was throwing them out for them,” he said. “There was a group of 20, 25, maybe a couple more, plus or minus some.”

And then the unthinkable….Murphy described seeing a car moving up a narrow roadway and plowing into the large group, killing an estimated half-dozen. He then called police but by the time they arrived, Campbell had parked his car and left the area. 

Campbell released a statement expressing his sorrow for the accident and justified his departure from the scene by suggesting that Murphy was “highly agitated and confrontational.” Campbell went on to say that he went to his office to defuse the situation. He said he is cooperating with authorities. 

Nashua police declined to comment on the case except to say it remains an ongoing investigation. 

Campbell serves as the chairman of the Transportation Committee.