Pot Tourism Expected to 'Light up' in Colorado

Now that the sale of marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, some entrepreneurs are looking forward to the marijuana tourism expected to arise as a consequence. Already “cannabis friendly” tours are available in the state.  

“You’ll be able to buy a little pot here and there, see a commercial grow, visit iconic Colorado landmarks and take lots of pictures,” said company owner Timothy Vee, owner of Colorado High Life Tours. “It will be like a Napa Valley wine tour.”

Eighteen marijuana stores have received licenses to operate “and two dozen other marijuana-related businesses that had met the city’s licensing requirements were awaiting approval. Beyond the Mile High City, more than 25 other towns and cities will allow medical marijuana businesses to start adding or transitioning to retail marijuana sales on Jan. 1.”

The state’s tourism board as yet to take advantage of the new industry. 

“We have a fiduciary responsibility to get the best return on our marketing efforts,” said Rich Grant, spokesman for Visit Denver, the city’s travel and visitor bureau. “There is no research yet on the benefits of marijuana tourism, so for at least the first year we’re not going to market that in any way.”

Unlike other tourist industries, enthusiasts will not be able to take “souvenirs” back to their home states.