Obama To Hold Photo-Op With Americans Who Lost Unemployment Benefits

As part of an effort to pressure Republicans into extending federal aid for three more months, Obama will hold a photo-op at the White House with Ameicans who lost their unemployment benefits at the start of the year.

Obama’s “in your face radical” Labor Secretary Thomas Perez announced the event  during a conference call with reporters. 

Via The Washington Examiner:

“This was not only the right thing to do; it was the smart thing to do,” Perez said of the economic repercussions of halting the jobless benefits.

You know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see the president hold a meeting at the White House with Americans who lost their health insurance plans because of ObamaCare.  

Now, that would be a photo-op worth seeing.

Some of those folks might have agreed with ObamaCare in theory – but when they saw their premiums and/or deductibles sky-rocket – not so much in practice.  I’d love to see one of these struggling Americans look the president in the eye, and ask him why he repeatedly told them that they could keep their plans and doctors when he knew it wasn’t true. 

He won’t do that of course. He needs political props that will help him paint Republicans as heartless monsters who don’t care about the perpetually unemployed. Sure, Obama’s policies are the reason why he’s presiding over the worst economic “recovery” in American history, but he can’t be directly blamed for the unemployment of these Americans, so he feels free to demagogue the issue to his heart’s content.  

But the people Obama lied to – the ones who have been directly harmed by his “signature achievement,” will not be meeting with the president at the White House any time soon. In fact, Obama and his acolytes are doing their best to minimalize their plight – their stories aren’t even true, according to the editor of MSNBC.com.

So while the president is meeting with unemployed Americans at the Whitehouse on Tuesday, Republicans should be meeting with uninsured Americans at the Capitol. 

Just an idea. 


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