Woman Gives Birth Into Leg of Onesie Pajamas In Hospital Parking Lot

Woman Gives Birth Into Leg of Onesie Pajamas In Hospital Parking Lot

A 21-year-old mom has a set of onesie pajamas to thank for catching her newborn baby when she gave birth unexpectedly in the parking lot of King’s College Hospital in London. Jessica Wynter started having contractions at home so her parents rushed her to the hospital, but her son was on his own schedule and apparently had a list of things he wanted to get started doing in this world.  As Jessica headed across the parking lot toward the maternity ward, her new son, Kye, dropped into the right leg of his mom’s black and white polka dot onesie pajamas. The pajamas which were a Christmas gift from her grandmother, prevented the new born from hitting the pavement. 

The young mother and graphic design student told The Sun, “If I’d not been wearing it I don’t think Kye would have survived. It was incredibly lucky – the onesie saved my baby’s life.”

Jessica’s mom said her daughter gave birth within second of getting out of the car. 

A spokesperson from King’s College Hospital said midwives arrived shortly after the birth and helped the new mom and her baby into the hospital where she was taken to the postnatal ward. Both mother and son were found to be fit and well. 

Onesies have become a bit of a fashion statement as of late. In fact, in a hard hitting piece from MTV.com, it was recently disclosed that Selena Gomez rang in the New Years “partying the night away with her girls in matching PJ onesies.” No information was given as to whether any of the girls or Ms. Gomez gave birth. 


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