Cops: Pet Parrot Rats Out Drunk Driving Suspect

Cops: Pet Parrot Rats Out Drunk Driving Suspect

MEXICO CITY – When 49-year-old Guillermo Reyes was pulled over last week at a routine alcohol checkpoint in Mexico City, he had no idea he was about to be betrayed by his own pet. Police say when officers approached the car, they heard a voice from inside repeating “he’s drunk, he’s drunk.”  Upon further examination, officers realized the voice belong to Reyes’ pet parrot, according to Spanish-language newspaper El Universal

Apparently the parrot’s word was good enough for officers who administered a sobriety test which Reyes promptly failed. The betrayed man was arrested on a drunk driving charge but harbored no ill will toward his winged companion.  When Reyes learned his parrot was to be taken away by Animal Surveillance Brigade officers, he informed them that he and the parrot were always together and separating could cause great stress. It was not immediately clear if he meant for the parrot or for himself. 

The parrot was allowed to accompany Reyes to the big house. 


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