Cuba Back To Playing Baseball in Caribbean Tournament


Cuba is once again kissing the behind of the international community, as it has returned to playing baseball in a tournament of the best baseball teams in the Caribbean.

 Cuba hosted the inaugural Caribbean Series in 1949 and won of seven of the first 12 tournaments before withdrawing from the competition when former President Fidel Castro banned professional sports in 1960.

Cuba returned this year despite concerns by Major League Baseballthat its participation would violate a U.S. trade embargo against the islandFox Latino

 Cuba’s national baseball team was met by 200 protesters asking them to take a hike back to their Communist island. The incident happened in the city of Porlamar, Venezuela, on the island of Margarita.

 Just a note, I want to brag a little, in saying that I spent a week on the island with my ex nightmare many moons ago. Had a great time there, the sun is very intense, and will tan you darker than an Hershey’s dark chocolate candy bar.


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