Apple and Google Release Chinese Virus Contact Tracing Tech

Tech giants Apple and Google have reportedly released the technology to automatically notify people if they have been exposed to individuals that have tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus. The technology was produced by the two tech giants to allow iPhones and Android smartphones to communicate.

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Apple Reopens 25 More Stores in the United States

Tech giant Apple is reportedly planning to reopen 25 more stores in the United States after initially opening five stores as a test. Apple will now have 100 stores open worldwide, after closing all Apple stores outside of China in response to the Wuhan coronavirus.

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Facebook Bug Crashes Multiple Popular iPhone Apps

A change in Facebook’s software development kit this week caused widespread crashes for multiple popular iPhone apps including TikTok, Spotify, Pinterest, and Venmo, show just how deeply Facebook has integrated itself into the other apps found on the phones of millions of Americans.

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Bokhari: The Booming ‘Gig Economy’ Is a Plutocrat’s Paradise

In days past, if you were risking your life for low pay, that likely meant you were a soldier. The upside: survival skills, high status, a free college degree, and good benefits. These days, though, you can risk your life for low pay and get none of those benefits, as a member of the pandemic “Gig Economy.”

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Smartphone Suffers Largest Year-Over-Year Decline Ever

The smartphone industry has suffered its largest year-over-year decline ever according to a recent report as it struggles in the midst of the Chinese virus pandemic. The First quarter of 2020 saw a drop of almost 12 percent as compared to the same period in 2019 according to one analyst, while another analyst believes the drop could be as high as nearly 17 percent.

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Apple Leaves Customers Waiting on Store Repairs with No Devices

Tech giant Apple has stated that customers who didn’t pick up devices left for repairs within two days of the company closing its retail stores will have to wait for the stores to reopen to recover their devices. Apple’s decision to close its retail locations based on the Chinese virus affected all its locations — except those in China.

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