Apple Bans Gab from App Development After Company Makes Antitrust Case to DOJ

Tech giant Apple banned the developer account of free speech-focused social media network Gab, preventing the company from creating apps for iPhones and other Apple devices, shortly after the startup submitted a complaint to the Department of Justice about Big Tech’s anti-competitie business practices.

Apple's bombshell and the trillion-dollar question

Tim Cook: Apple Isn’t a ‘Monopoly’

During a recent interview at Apple’s developer conference, CEO Tim Cook stated in an interview that a lack of digital privacy is bad for democracy and insisted that Apple is not a monopoly.

Apple CEO Tim Cook at WWDC

Analysts Worry Apple Could Lose Half of Chinese Sales to Boycotts

Analysts at Citi dropped their outlook on Apple this week over worries that the ongoing trade war between China and the U.S. could affect Apple’s sales in the country. According to the analysts, a boycott could drop Apple’s sales in the country by 50 percent.

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Report: Apple Fires Back at Google’s Jabs on Privacy

The Independent recently published a report which investigates Apple’s top secret testing facilities where iPhone defenses are tested. Apple executives used the interview as an opportunity to push the company’s position on privacy, and fire back at Google’s attacks on Apple’s privacy focus. 

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Bokhari: Beware the Big Tech Censorship Domino Effect

With the bans of Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and others from Facebook and Instagram yesterday, for being what Mark Zuckerberg considers “dangerous,” those who promote non-establishment narratives online are wondering: who’s next, and where?

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Apple Seeking $27 Billion from Qualcomm in Patent Lawsuit

A massive lawsuit between Apple and Qualcomm about illegal patent licensing is getting ready to begin in San Diego. Apple seeks $27 billion from Qualcomm, while that company’s counterclaims run to $15 billion, all centered on the relationship between the two companies about licensing patents key to Apple’s products.

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