Seinfeld is Racist Charge by a Nobody Pisses Me Off

Comedy is not bound by political correctness which includes false allegations of racism. Jerry Seinfeld is 100% right on this one. (video

It’s entertainment and he’s building something for an audience. Anyone can watch it black, white or other. Are we going to have the comedy police now maybe out of the Eric Holder DOJ? Talk about a perverted and not funny version of the Keystone Cops. 

For example I have been on a show produced by Chris Rock Productions with host Kamau Bell and the entire focus of the show is black, the guests were predominantly black and it was on the FX Network, not predominantly black. 

  • If all white offends Gawker and whoever else then what does all black mean? 
  • What if the show hires an ethnically diverse crew? Is that enough? 

Somebody please tell me what the “minimum daily requirement” of black people is to legitimize anything.

  • Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock are good friends. Which one is the token according to stupid logic?

There’s BET … Imagine if there was a WET aka White Entertainment Television. Oy vey! Hold it … Can a non Jew say that?