I Don't Like Bigots Or Their Defenders

I Don't Like Bigots Or Their Defenders

I don’t care which side of the political aisle a bigot stands on. The explanation or the apology has never been, and is no longer good enough.  

In this case it involves the silent NAACP and the Democrats. Alabama State Representative Alvin A. Holmes (78th District – Montgomery) called Supreme Court Justice Clarence an Uncle Tom and is not backing down. He also claims inference only by others in his chosen words deriding Justice Thomas’s marriage to a white woman. 

If Representative Alvin A. Holmes or any other bigots dislikes or infers dislike of Clarence Thomas or any black American because of marriage to a white woman then what does he think of actor / entertainer Nick Cannon who is married to Mariah Carey. Is Nick Cannon an Uncle Tom? I say he is not, just a man married to a woman he loves. What about the numerous black men in America married to white women or what about black women married to white men? 

Rep. Holmes has clearly not read and / or understood Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Anyone with an honest thought process would see that it is not an insult, just used as one by bigots. 

Here’s an important issue for Rep. Holmes. The median price of home sales in his district has gone from a 2008 Q2 high of just under $160,000 to a 2013 Q4 low of $120,000. That’s just under a 25% drop in value. Maybe he can focus on that issue for his constituents over who Justice Clarence Thomas married or calling him an Uncle Tom. 

It’s time to make Rep. Alvin Holmes, Rev. William Barber and other identified bigots in and out of the NAACP, from any perceived or real political affiliation a national disgrace as they clearly are. It is time we went on offense and attacked the behavior where it starts at its roots. 

If the bigoted statements were never said there would not be a need for explanation or an apology. 


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