Media Matters Oppo Research Group Digs Up Uber-Scandal From Scott Walker's College Days

Well, it was a nice run for Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, but he may as well pack it up because his days in the governor’s mansion may soon be over. American Bridge, which is Media Matter’s opposition research outlet, has uncovered some dirt from Walker’s college days – not quite as bad as the 2012  revelation of Mitt Romney’s prep school hair-cutting rampage – but it could have a devastating effect on Walker’s reelection chances, nonetheless.

Emily Zanotti of Naked DC fears the worst.

Back when he was a student at Marquette University, Scott Walker, then running for the very prestigious position of student body president, he might have started campaigning a week early. Possibly. Maybe. It was also 1988.

In 1988, Walker wanted to become president of the school’s student government, known as the Associated Students at Marquette University. He was running against John Quigley, a liberal student, in a race that became incredibly contentious. Election rules said that presidential candidates could not begin campaigning until after they registered, which started on Feb. 3.
Walker, however, was caught campaigning on Jan. 24. As the Marquette Tribune reported on Feb. 2, 1988:

“Potential ASMU presidential candidate Scott Walker was found guilty of illegal campaigning in a grievance hearing before members of the elections commission Monday night.By speaking before a meeting of the Delta Chi fraternity Jan. 24, Walker, an arts and sciences sophomore, violated the rule which states, “No campaigning may begin before a candidate is registered,” the committee ruled.”


Scott Walker’s illegal campaigning consisted of him asking the Delta Phi fraternity members, “What can ASMU do for the Inter-Fraternity council?” and announcing that he intended to run for head of student government. As punishment for this crime, the campus elections commission prohibited him from making any other campaign statements until one day after the campaign window opened. 


As Zanotti dryly notes,  Scott Walker’s campaign probably has their best crisis communications team on this.