Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama Administration vs. Truth

Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama Administration vs. Truth

It’s not just truth that is elusive for Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama Administration when it comes to Obamacare, it is reality that is more elusive. 

In an interview with NBC News on September 30, 2013 HHS Secretary  Kathleen Sebelius said: “I think success looks like at least 7 million people having signed up by the end of March 2014.”  

Charles Krauthammer stated on Fox News Special Report last week that it’s simpler and easier to remember the truth. However if Sebelius told the truth about the problems – legislative structure,  technology, economic, waivers, mandate delays by executive order and more – they would never be able to sell the lie that is Obamacare to not so innocent victims who supported Obama and his plan. 

To keep it simple for the reader Google “sebelius obamacare numbers video” and watch. After all who are you going to believe, the administration or your own eyes and ears. 

Also remember that these are plans being canceled regardless of the reasons and there are multiple people on many of those plans. Regardless of the rhetoric the reality lies in the numbers and the numbers of young invincibles who do not sign up for Obamacare matters. The private insurance market in general requires approximately an 80 to 20 ratio of healthy to sick enrollees. The administration claims a 40% healthy ratio needed. This claim is subject to change next week. 

I’m making the case for keeping Kathleen Sebelius in her position. After all better to have her dysfunctional leadership and fundamental dishonesty help drive this train wreck over the cliff.