Money Watch: Obama and Obamacrats in Full 2014 Campaign Mode

It’s no surprise Obama is trying to gin up the base when Democrats take off their rose colored glasses and see his domestic and foreign policy failures. 

 It’s about the money and the following excerpts from Roberta Rampton at Reuters helps makes the case. 

 — “It is one of 30 fundraisers the president plans to headline through June. He will attend two more on Wednesday in Boston.” — 

Remember that OFA now exists as a shadow DNC which sucks money as well as energy out of the Democrats by dividing resources. 

 — “You better hope Democrats stay in the Senate.” —
Politicians may like the tag line ‘hope’ but they see numbers as in numbers of Americans who may vote them out of their self-entitled cushy lifestyle.
GOP will keep the house but the battle for the Senate requires smarter political fighters and the GOP has proven they can pull defeat from the jaws of victory.
— “A third of the 100-member Senate is up for grabs in November elections as well as all 435 seats in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.” — 

Obama can talk till he’s blue in the face but all the happy talk, war on ___________ (insert cause here) won’t change the reality for most Americans as the nation struggles through a tepid at best recovery, now the Obama recession exemplified by revised down economy at 1.9% growth in 2013.
Obama presents America a $4 trillion budget with over $1 trillion in HHS spending and hides on Treasury an additional $60 billion in Obamacare related spending because the IRS processes that part of it. 

 Wake up AMERICA your progressive democrat tax and spend nightmare is real.