Ted Cruz: 'Barack Obama Is The President Richard Nixon Always Wished To Be'

Ted Cruz: 'Barack Obama Is The President Richard Nixon Always Wished To Be'

Quoting Professor Jonathan Turley, Senator Ted Cruz told a number of CPAC bloggers that “President Obama has become the embodiment of the imperial presidency.”  

A the briefing Thursday afternoon with about 35 bloggers, Cruz went on to say that “Barack Obama is the president Richard Nixon always wished to be.”

He cited the IRS scandal as one example of the Obama administration’s abuse of power. He noted that nine months after the president and Attorney General Eric Holder claimed they were outraged and determined to get to the bottom of it, no one has been indicted, and the victims have not been interviewed.

“In nine months, Lois Lerner has now gone before Congress and pleaded the Fifth, which Cruz reminded us, “is raising your hand and saying, if I answer your questions, I may implicate myself in criminal conduct. That’s a Senior government official at the IRS twice pleading the Fifth. And most shockingly, we now discover that Eric Holder appointed to lead the investigation, a major Obama donor who gave over $6,000 to Obama’s campaign.”

He continued, “and then the president has the temerity to go on Bill O’Reilly and say there’s not a smidgen of corruption! When you appoint a political hack and Obama donor to lead the investigation and you don’t interview any of the witnesses and you don’t indict anyone, no one should be surprised that the investigation designed to cover up wrongdoing has not exposed the wrongdoing.” 

He went on to lambaste the mainstream media, who he said behave like Obama’s “palace guards.”

At the briefing, Cruz also spoke about his longtime support for school choice, and how to win younger voters. Those videos can be viewed here.


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