Mysterious Mexican Army border incursion

Vladimir Putin isn’t the only one who can slip a few armed men across an inconvenient border.  Buzzfeed has a big story about a possible Mexican Army incursion into Arizona.  It’s a big enough deal to have Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) on the case:

Just before 8:30 a.m. January 26, two figures dressed in camouflage and carrying military assault rifles crossed an international border, making their way on foot through the quiet desert terrain, unaware that they were under the constant watch of authorities in the country they had just entered.

Within minutes a border patrol agent confronted the two men. Weapons were drawn. Asked for identification, the two men provided their names — which didn’t correspond with the names on their uniforms. After a brief, tense standoff, the two men retreated back across the border just as reinforcements were arriving.

Senator Coburn asked Customs and Border Protection if they’ve got any further intelligence on these guys – were they really Mexican soldiers?  Cartel enforcers with Mexican Army hardware?  Real soldiers working on the cartel payroll?  Thus far, CBP hasn’t been forthcoming with much beyond a fairly relaxed incident report, even though the report suggests those Mexican troops might have been thinking about escalating the encounter before more Border Patrol units arrived.

There’s a lot more coming across our porous southern border than coyotes lugging truckloads of aspiring “undocumented Americans.”  And you really don’t want to be an innocent American civilian who runs afoul of cartel killers armed with military weapons.