Obama: drop your cable TV and cell phones, and maybe you can afford my health care plan

Remember when Barack Obama used to boast that Affordable Care Act plans would be cheaper than cable-TV or cell phone service?  It wasn’t that long ago.  “For a lot of people, it will be cheaper than your cell phone bill,” he said during a radio interview last August.

Well, now President Downgrade is sitting in town hall meetings and telling people to cancel their cell phones and cable TV, so they can afford his stupid health-care plan:

Next he’ll be telling us to drive less, so we can divert our gas money into his health care premiums.  Good for you, good for the Earth!

This clip is going to haunt Democrats during the 2014 election; it should figure prominently in every Republican attack ad, right alongside his old-and-busted promises that health care will be so cheap we’ll scarcely notice the expense.  Throw in a few clips of people testifying about how much their premiums and deductibles have increased under ObamaCare, and you’ve got the kind of advertising that creates historic wave elections.

And if I were a Republican strategist, I’d take the critique beyond ObamaCare.  Everything about Barack Obama speaks of failure, downgrade, lowered expectations, a reduced standard of living, and fewer opportunities.  He really is Jimmy Carter’s second coming.  He spends all his time telling us how many sacrifices we have to make, in order to comply with his agenda, or instructing one group of Americans to hate another so he can harvest their votes.  What a parlous, hopeless, vicious, threadbare nation Obama’s America is.  Let’s all stand up and tell Democrats we’re tired of hearing their lectures about all the stuff we need to give up, in order for them to live like kings.


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