Harry Reid Worried About 'Modern Kochtopia'

In what could be a leaked plot for a future Avengers movie, Senate Majority Leader wants us to know that the Koch brothers are in league with Paul Ryan to create a “modern Kochtopia.” (This is not to be confused with ancient Kochtopia which sunk beneath the sea millennia ago.)

At this point you’re probably thinking this is an April Fool’s joke, but I assure it’s not. Here are the tweets from Senator Reid’s twitter account:

Sen. Reid went on to make himself a martyr:

Sen Reid has increasingly become the Democrats’ least principled actor. During the 2012 campaign he accused Mitt Romney of not paying any taxes. That claim was false but Reid seemingly paid no price for making it. Last December, after the President had made two separate apologies for his misleading claims about people keeping their health plans, Reid claimed on television that the President had told the truth. Just a few weeks ago Reid claimed that all Obamacare horror stories were “lies.” Then a week later he claimed he didn’t remember calling them lies. But that wasn’t nearly as obnoxious as last Monday when Reid claimed that Republicans were responsible for helping Russia annex Crimea.

At some point the media might need to start noting the pattern that Reid has established, i.e. a lot of what comes out of his mouth these days is pure partisan nonsense.