Hillary Clinton Worse On Marriage Equality Than Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich

Hillary Clinton Worse On Marriage Equality Than Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich

Andrew Sullivan points out a glaring disconnect within the gay community now celebrating Brendan Eich’s departure from Mozilla. 

Some of those same individuals support Hillary Clinton as she prepares to run for president in 2016; however, Hillary “opposed marriage equality as recently as 2008, and … was an integral part of an administration that embraced the Defense Of Marriage Act, signed into law by Bill Clinton….” 

He goes on to ask:

How do you weigh the relative impact of a president strongly backing DOMA – even running ads touting his support for it in the South – and an executive who spent $1000 for an anti-marriage equality Proposition?

Sullivan also points out that it is Eich, not Bill or Hillary Clinton who has since apologized for holding a position frowned upon by the gay community. Yet, all Sullivan does is make the point and one suspects, at the very least, some who persecuted Eich so cruelly will ultimately call it some amorphous teachable movement and reason to now give Hillary a pass in 2016.

If any political entity has mastered hypocrisy in this day and age, it’s the progressive Left, including a gay community using the mantra of tolerance to drive the type of intolerance that has no qualms with destroying good people, or running them out of their jobs over political disagreements.

When the time comes to actively support and eventually vote for Hillary, the same gay lobby that crushed Brendan Eich won’t even bother to look back, let alone bat an eye over their rank hypocrisy.


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