Oopsie! Harry Reid Has a Koch Problem….

Wow, the blood-curdling hypocrisy of some people…

Senator Reid has called the Koch brothers “unAmerican” tax cheats who are “against everything that is good for America.”

Today he tweeted out some more anti-Koch nonsense:

Now we find out,  his campaign accepted a donation from the unAmerican monsters in 2003???!!!

Andrew Stiles of the Washington Free Beacon has the shocking report:

According to campaign finance records, former Koch Industries lobbyist Robert P. Hall III donated $500 to Reid’s campaign in 2003.

The Majority Leader should return that money to the Kochs tout suite, or he may as well start donning their insignia, as well.

Of course, Reid is only the latest Democrat found to have benefited from Koch money. 

Hey, I wonder how the weather is in “Kochtopia”?


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