Eric Cantor To Address Anti-Conservative, Soros-Backed PAC In Florida

This weekend’s Republican Mainstreet Partnership PAC retreat on Amelia Island in Florida, even as it has been reported that Speaker John Boehner would not attend the event, presumably because of all the scrutiny the event has garnered.

As it was reported last week, the Mainstreet Partnership PAC, which has received funding by liberal financier George Soros, is looking to raise more dollars to defeat conservative candidates and elected officials, over the weekend-long retreat in Florida.

 ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell, has been calling attention to this event, and recently interviewed with the Shark Tank about the shady Soros and labor union funded PAC.

Some of the elected members of this PAC are Senators Susan Collins and John McCain, as well as Representatives Peter King, Michael Grimm, Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, and wait for it….National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman, Rep. Greg Walden.

Here is Bozell again:

You would not be Majority Leader today but for Tea Party conservatives. And you’re headlining an event sponsored by a leftist organization committed to its destruction.

As we head in to midterm elections later this year, it would seem incumbent upon Republican leaders to do everything they can to actually heal this rift. Instead you are widening it further.

 It is our understanding that Speaker John Boehner had planned to attend but is no longer doing so. We expect no less from you. Attending this event shows you are siding with the Democrat donors, unions, and other Soros-backed groups who have contributed over $1 million to attack conservatives.

Your position makes you one of the top Republican leaders in the country and places extraordinary responsibility upon you to honor the commitments you made to those who worked so hard to provide Republicans the majority, and you the position of Majority Leader.

Aligning yourself with extreme opponents of the Republican Party would be an astonishing turn of events — with consequences. Mr. Leader: Don’t aid and abet sworn opponents of conservatives.

If you do it will cause irreparable damage. If your position is that grassroots conservatives and Tea Party supporters no longer belong in the Republican Party then it will permanently destroy any credibility you have left with conservatives.

Without conservatives the GOP will also collapse. Leader Cantor, back out of this event.-Brent Bozell, ForAmerica


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