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The Benghazi Committee’s Five Massive Media Mistakes

Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) tried his best, given the obstruction of the White House, and the media’s obsequious efforts to protect Clinton. But he also hurt himself by making several unnecessary errors in handling the media aspect of the inquiry.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) speaks during a hearing of the House Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee hearing on Capitol Hill November 19, 2015 in Washington, DC. The subcommittee held the hearing about security checks on refugees in light of the recent Paris terrorist attacks. AFP PHOTO/BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI (Photo credit should …

Brent Bozell: An Open Letter to Conservative Friends Supporting Donald Trump

We rarely–if ever–publish “open letters” at Breitbart News. This editorial policy came directly from Andrew Breitbart himself. However, given the enormity of today’s primaries, the intensity of the internal debate raging within the Republican party, and the stature of Brent Bozell in the conservative movement, we have decided to make an exception in this instance.


Long-Time Leaders of Conservative Movement Unite in Support of Ted Cruz

The old lions of the conservative movement—leaders with direct ties to the 1960 signing of the Sharon Statement by 90 members of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) at William F. Buckley’s residence—are uniting around the presidential campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz with passionate endorsements of his candidacy.

<> the Fox Business Network Republican presidential debate at the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center on January 14, 2016 in North Charleston, South Carolina. The sixth Republican debate is held in two parts, one main debate for the top seven candidates, and another for three other candidates lower …

Exclusive–Bozell: It’s Time To Rally Around Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is surging. He’s on top in Iowa. He’s gaining ground everywhere else. He has organizations in place in every state that matters. He’s raised more money than anyone except Jeb Bush. There’s a reason for this.

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks to the crowd at the Heritage Action Presidential Candidate Forum September 18, 2015 in Greenville, South Carolina. Eleven republican candidates each had twenty five minutes to talk to voters Friday at the Bons Secours Wellness arena in the upstate of South Carolina. …

New Ted Cruz Ad Highlights Reaction to His Debate Blast on Left Media

A new social advertisement for Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz takes aim at the left media bias that was blatantly on display during the CNBC Presidential Primary Debate. The ad blasts CNBC and highlights Cruz’s response that led to one of the biggest crowd reactions of the debate.

Ted Cruz at Debate CNBC

Pro-Life Leaders Want Margaret Sanger Bust Removed From National Portrait Gallery

The call to remove Sanger’s bust comes following the release of multiple undercover investigative videos, produced by the Center for Medical Progress, in which top Planned Parenthood medical officials explain their methods of harvesting the body parts of aborted babies for potential sale on the open market. Since the letter was published, more than 11,000 people have signed a petition calling for the removal of Sanger’s bust from the NPG.

Margaret Sanger

ForAmerica’s David Bozell Blast’s Trump Over Planned Parenthood Comments

ForAmerica, a 501(c)4 with “an online army of over 7.5 million people” blasted Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump Tuesday for comments the billionaire businessman made about being open to the idea of continued taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood: “Donald Trump


Brent Bozell: ‘I Support Ted Cruz for President Unconditionally’

“I wholeheartedly endorse Ted Cruz for president of the United States, and urge all conservatives nationwide to rally behind Ted, immediately,” said Bozell in his endorsement video. “The Republican party establishment is counting on conservatives to be divided, so that they can nominate a moderate, do-nothing candidate. Make no mistake: If the Republican Party repeats what it’s done for the last two elections, Republicans will lose. I guarantee it.”

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Disney/ABC Glorify X-Rated Bully Dan Savage in Prime Time Sitcom

ABC Studios is set to launch a new sitcom “based on the life of boundary-pushing columnist Dan Savage.” The new show, called Family of the Year shows how “a picture perfect family is turned upside down when the youngest son comes out of the closet.”


Bozell: Brian Williams Should Resign

Media Research Center Founder and President Brent Bozell said that NBC anchor Brian Williams should resign after revelations that he had erroneously reported that a helicopter he was in was hit by an RPG and shot down on Thursday’s “Hannity”